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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fog out there, but for the most part, the moon is going to be shining brightly early and then the sun shining this morning and that will get you going and this afternoon however, grab the rain gear because once again, we're dealing with the darn showers and thunderstorms. i say angrily because we've had enough this week. a few clouds at reagan national. 9:00, temperatures 64 and this afternoon, scattered showers and storms. 72 degrees. could be another tough day to get that little league game in. 56 in town. 53 for hagerstown. down south, 56 in fredericksburg and almost 60, 59 at the pack river naval air station. coastal flooding problems in and around d. c. and alexandria. high tides today. it's 5:00 a.m. and angie goff, how's the friday traffic looking? i'm happy to report the construction has cleared out across the area. green light stays on and we begin with most of the one most heavily traveled roads in the
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morning. 95 northbound, so far, so good. it looks like the trip from dale city to the mixing bowl is moving smoothly. expect the delays to set in in the next 15 to 20 minutes. 66 as we go back to the maps and take a closer look. we have the green light here and we're moving at speed outside from 234 past route 50 to inside the beltway. also tracking your travel times on the outer loop, so far so good -- still ahead, a look at 395 headed north. that's at 5:09. back to you. well, even though there's more sunshine in store this weekend, the potomac river will be raging for days to come. >> flood waters submerged parts of federal construction project along the canal where crews are building a boat ramp and a
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parking lot. in williams port, maryland, the water rose six feet above flood stage cresting at 22 feet. >> it really get used to it. you really do. because you know what to do when it gets up so far and you know, here in town, you go help people move out. >> the washington county maryland sheriff's department says no buildings have been threatened there and all the water is heading downstream this weekend. in prince george's county county, police are selecting a deadly -- investigating a deadly late night stabbing in the 3400 block of leslie avenue. the man was inside a nearby home. he's expected to recover and could face charges. police believe this started as a domestic dispute. president obama says the borders for a palestinian state should go back to what they were in 1967 which as you might
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imagine is not sitting well with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who will will at the white house today. >> it's important we tell the truth. israel too must act boldly to enact a lasting peace and palestinians cannot deny the right of israel to exist. >> prime minister netanyahu rejected the announced yesterday, calling the 1967 borders indefensible and say returning to them would spell disaster for the state. back in 1967, they occupied it after a six day war. this weekend, thousands of area families will be heading to andrews air force base. >> for the open house which will give the public a rare chance to see many of the military planes up close. 9news now reporter surae chinn joins us live. >> reporter: good morning, this is going to be an exciting show. i'm standing on the tarmac and as you can see all of this, the
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aircraft behind me dozens of them, military war birds spanning 100 years of naval aviation. we have captain rob spurring right now joining us. all weekend long, friends, family, kids fun, all kind of stuff going on. >> absolutely, good morning surae. this is going to be a great show. centennial naval aviation, which is a great milestone, will be out here celebrating with our brothers and sisters in the navy and also out here with the army, the soldiers and marines. but right here behind us, we have a whole collection of historic war birds. going back to world war ii, korea, vietnam. you know, right over here we have b-29, which is the type of aircraft you're not familiar with was very instrumental in the conclusion of world war ii. >> reporter: what are those right here? >> right here behind us we have some historic fighters, trainers and things like that
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dating back to world war ii, korea and vietnam era as well. just a sampling of the great things going on here. we've got the military hardware from all the branches of service. we've got from allied nations, we have a russian 124. which is the same equivalent of our c-5 galaxy. >> reporter: you have a predator drone here too? >> we do, it's going to be a great day. thunder birds are ready to fly. in fact, two of the thunder birds today, for today and tomorrow, will be flying on biofuel. >> reporter: i know, that's such an interesting thing, the first time in some 60 years that you guys have been performing and doing these air shows in open house here at andrews air force base. of course, we have a lot to falk about and we'll continue this conversation throughout the morning, but i'm going to tell you that plane right there has special meaning. the d. c. 9, something really dear and close to my family. we'll bring that you coming up in the next half hour. mike, andrea? >> surae, we know this is a
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popular event, lots of people tried to get out the andrews, but where do they park? >> reporter: okay, yeah, 205,000 people came throughout the weekend. so what you want to do is you want to take the metro either to branch avenue or you you want to drive to fedex field and that way the shuttle can bring you over here on base. so that's something you have to know before you get out here. fedex field and branch avenue metro stop. back to you. >> good advice. thank you. right now it's time for a special your money report. >> all morning long we're looking at ways you can save when it comes to gas prices. jessica doyle is outside with some more easy changes to help keep more cash in your pocket. morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. who wants another $1,400 in their pocket this year? i know i do and that's our goal this morning to save you $1,400 in your gas prices. just with a couple of simple changes we're trying to get your car to go further on that tank of gas and first step, we are getting behind the wheel.
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keeping your speed very consistent is going to improve your gas mileage. >> so don't take off really fast from stoplights and drive in a smoother fashion and you will get better gas mileage. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking about aggressive driving. don't think it can cost you? well, think about this. if you speed up and slowdown too much, that could cost you up to 30% on your fuel- efficiency. some numbers here, if you're more consistent with your driving, that can save you 7 cents a gallon for gasoline. back live here, let's say you got the lead foot and you drive too fast. a lot of us do it. it is going to cost you big time at the pump. if you go 65 instead of 60, that's like paying an extra 10 cents a gallon for gasoline. go 70 instead of 60? that's an extra 20 cents, like paying $4.20 a gallon. looking at the numbers, if you are more consistent with your speed, you take cruise control
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and use that instead. that's going to save you an extra $300 a year in gasoline. so already guys, we've saved $500. that's really, really simple and coming up, in the next couple of live shots, we're going to talk about other ways you can save $900 a year in gasoline. next up, we are getting under the hood of this beautiful baby right here, this is director sandy's car, she's letting us use it this morning. and with that, back to you in the studio. >> thank you jess. shuttle endeavour is on its final mission into space as you know. >> this morning, two endeavour astronauts are in the middle of the mission's first space walk. that story is coming up. and still ahead after years of speculation and hundreds of clean tests, new accusations for lance armstrong about possible doping. we'll be right back.
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just about 5:10 on this friday morning, happy to tell you it's quiet out there. we're going to start out with sunshine ask temperatures today will climb into the low 70s by lunch. but this afternoon, more scattered showers and storms. highs in the mid 70s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 72. your weekend forecast is coming up. right now here's angie with timesaver traffic. headed northbound, no problems through the 14th street bridge, but we have that ongoing construction causing drivers to lose the center lane. still ahead, look across the region. back to you. making news now, the fda -- fbi wants is dna sample from convicted unabomber ted kaczynski. they need it for is an investigation into the 1982 tylenol poisonings.
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seven people were killed in the chicago area which is where kaczynski grew up. he is now serving a life sentence after pleading guilty back in 1998 to sending mail bombs that killed three people. the former head of the international monetary fund is expected to post bond today. a judge granted dominique strauss-kahn bail, but he will have to stay in new york and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. the 62-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting a maid inside his luxury hotel suite. check this out, a live shot from outer space. really neat. the first space walk of the shuttle endeavour mission started two hours ago. two astronauts are removing old experiments from the outside of the space station. those experiments will return to earth in the shuttle's cargo bay when endeavour completes its final trip into space. kids do a lot of interesting science projects in class. but in this week's cool schools, the experts of some local students are helping needy people in africa. that's coming up at 5:49. and at 5:24, the nationals
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fall to last place after this weekend's battle of the beltway series comes up. then at 5:14? howard, got a lot more sun seen only heat in the seven day forecast. we'll be right back. same exact mame full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription.
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weather first time now. coming up an 5:15 on friday. we love that sound of friday. don't we? >> did you see yesterday? noaa came out with the seasonal forecast? >> i did. >> yes, and to paraphrase and summarize, 12 to 18 named storms. in an average season, you'd have 11 with 6 named ones. >> didn't you say something yesterday about the temperature of the water? >> the atlantic basin, water temperatures are already above average. so when you start warm, that is just more fuel for the fire and should la nina relax, more favorable wind environment. your bus stop forecast, winds is light, but generally a nice start. partly if not mostly sunny. i think you'll need a jacket
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this morning. but by 8:00, 70ish by noon. 6, 8, 10-mile-per-hour wind by then and then in the afternoon, thunderstorms are bubbling up again. highs today around 75, 76 with an 8:00 temperature, 69 and still a lingering shower. we're in the 50s as we talked today. 52 gaithersburg and great falls. you want to see some nice rushing water? go to great falls and maybe this weekend a white water rafting trip, one of the river rafting trips to harpers ferry or somewhere. i think the rivers will be nice for that. fort belvoir, 53 and same with hay market and i don't haveton. 55. they start at 56 degrees, weather should be pretty good for that with a few hit and misthunderstorms over the weekend. -- miss thunderstorms over the weekend. 56 out there with a light westerly wind and dew point is 53. only a 3-degree spread and
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humidity. 90%. for the weekend, we watch out to the west, look at all the storms this morning in the plains with one severe thunderstorm watch box in texas. for us, we have to get rid of the upper level low, but still close enough to it that while the heavy rains this morning are in pennsylvania, the showers and storms will develop during the afternoon for us. here we are at noon, through the afternoon with showers and storms and maybe heavier ones just off to the east, watch out from annapolis to the eastern shore and then tonight things settle down and tomorrow, a chance of a shower in the middle of the day. the next three days, today, 76 with some thunderstorms in the afternoon. nice tomorrow, 8 #, slim shower chance north. sunday, 87 and by the way tomorrow, the preakness runs at 6:00. 74 at noon and 78 at 3:00 and 78 for posttime. which is 6:05. should be a nice dry day. now through the weekend, sunday, warm. 87 with storms and then look at
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the heat next week. mainly 90s with a chance of the isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. angie goff? tgif everybody, not too much going on early on this friday morning. green light stays on. no incidents to reveal and the outer loop show this is outside drivers moving at speed from 95 over to 270. no problems here at 29 coalsville road. back to the realtime graphics and this time we are tracking 270 making the southbound trip. no delays out of urbanna just yet. we're going to take it out live and show you that past 121, a little more volume building but overall no significant delays. that construction at 85 should be out of here by now. your travel times, hey virginia, we begin with you -- andrea, in the next traffic report, a look at 95 in
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maryland. that's at 5:25. coming up on 5:19, we have a commuter alert for drivers in prince george's county this weekend. police there will partner with the maryland state highway administration for the nighttime seat belt enforcement project. more than 60 operations are scheduled between now and the end of the month. we have a high rate, but it drops dramatically in the late night hours. more than 100 d. c. restaurants and wineries served food and drinks in front of live animals last night. it was for the zoofari fundraiser. they got the listen to live music and look at the animals at the same time including the lounge with use of the seven lion cubs and their parents of course. despite hundreds of negative tests, there are new doping allegations against cyclist lance armstrong. plus, pitcher livan hernandez was one of the few
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nationals to get a hit in the series finale against new york. but it didn't end well. let's take a look at the question of the morning before our break -- >> well, here's a look at a response you left on our facebook fan page. lynn wrote -- >> post your guess on our facebook page. we will reveal the answer in just a little while.
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5:23, good morning everybody, it's a little cool, look at the temperatures in the 50s this morning. some clouds well to the north, but we have some patches of fog. mid morning, climb into the low to mid- 60s here and maybe a shower in maryland. 71 rat lunchtime and 73 in leesburg. in the middle of the afternoon, here come some showers and storms. watch out again this afternoon. mike and andrea, over to you. thank you howard. the battle of the beltways between washington and baltimore starts tonight. >> and the nationals are probably thrilled to get out of new york. brett has the highlights and plus new allegations. >> good morning everybody. you didn't mind it much when barry bonds and alex rodriguez got busted for steroids.
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but lance armstrong is a national hero. a touchstone of global inspiration. if he were to be dirty, it would literally break the hearts of millions. and he just might be about to do that. "60 minutes" will air a report this sunday in which his long time friend tyler hamilton says he saw lance with his own eyes take the illegal blood boost every epo during the 1999 tour de france and 2000 and 2001. he has won the race every year from 1999 through 2005, but he's been tested perhaps more than any other athlete in history, over 500 times are the estimates and never has a test been positive. armstrong's attorney said yesterday that tyler hamilton's claims are lies. baseball from thursday. nats and mets in new york, another strong outing from livan hernandez, seven innings, struck out seven mets, pretty strong effort from livo. the only time they got to him
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was here in the 4th and even this was a little bloop from turner. josh thole scored. the nats had a chance to draw even in the 9th. jayson werth, sharp grounder to third, but at first here, daniel murphy's foot clearly off the bag when the ball comes in. but they called him out anyway. jim riggleman pleads his case, but that never works and the nats get blanked for the second day in a row in new york. 1-0 final. that is a quick look at sports this morning, i'm brett haber, have a great friday everybody. the second leg of the triple crown runs tomorrow, we'll preview the race coming up. plus, israel's prime minister visits the white house today. a quick check of traffic? >> okay, we are looking at 95 in maryland. if you are making that southbound trip, you're going to find no problems from jess up through laurel all the way down to the beltway. still ahead a look at your district drive. that's up after the break at
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5:30. good friday morning, you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back back to 9news now, good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and good morning, i'm mike hydeck. >> weather is going get better, but i think the chili cookoff is going on downtown. >> at rfk. right? i judged it last year. >> yes, it is at rfk. one of the many things that are going on. a five miler in germantown also tomorrow. weather is looking good for both events and even the air show is looking pretty good at andrews. we have a threat for more showers and storms this afternoon, but this morning we're starting out clear to partly cloudy. a patch of fog. by noon, still decent amount of sunshine, 71. but for the drive home once again, scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures topping off in the mid 70s, that dry home temperatures -- drive home temperature 72. had some hailers yesterday with
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three quarter inch hail in some spots, but the vows have left. -- showers have left. this morning though in pennsylvania, some of the showers trying to come back into northeastern maryland. as we get into the afternoon. some showers around here. your morning temperatures in the mid 50s in easton and youer 50s in southern -- and upper 50s in southern maryland and salisbury as well. culpeper is running cold. fredericksburg is 57 and winchester is 52. highs today should be in the mid 70s, but some storms around this afternoon. how's the commute doing this morning? still moving all over the place and that's a great thing for this time of morning. green light stays on. right now our district dry so we're going take you there. moving it outside, small camera tour for you, constitution at 23rd is where we begin. happy to report the construction has already moved out of the way so now we have all of our lanes working. now coming in from the adams morgan side of things, 16th and u street is going to be next stop here. looks like very nice and quiet commute. only a few drivers on the roadways and finally northeast d. c., benning road at 36th
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street, great alternative right now to all of that inbound new york avenue construction. also tracking the trains and happy to report that metro, vre, marc, all lines are running on time. still ahead a look at the gw parkway in virginia. andrea and mike, that's coming up. israel and the united states are normally considered allies, but tensions could be much higher today at the white house when prime minister benjamin netanyahu visits. >> that's because president obama made a controversial proposal yesterday as part of a middle east peace plan. he suggested drawing the borders of a palestinian state based on the 1967 lines. that's before israel captured east jerusalem in the six day war. it sent shock waves through the jewish community. >> the palestinians have said in 1967 and every year since that they want israel not to even exist. >> president obama did also call for action by the
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palestinians saying they will never realize their independence by denying israel's right to exist. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the borders quote indefensible. after getting to a nationwide average around $4 a gallon, gas prices are dropping back a bit. and with memorial day holiday starting next weekend, a break at the pump cannot come soon enough for most of us, in today's your money, jessica doyle is here. morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. who doesn't want to save $1,400 a year on gasoline with prices where they are right now? i think that qualifies pretty much all of us in that combination. so this morning that's our goal, eight simple steps to save you $1,400 a year. we've already saved you $500. here's some more savings for you right now, we are going into the glove box, you need your manual and we are going under the hood.
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well, a lot of us don't even look at the owners' manual on the car. >> it's really important to do that because there's proper oil you would want the use in the oil change. request it of your mechanic because it can actually improve the gas efficiency on your car 1% to 2%. you're potentially not getting as much bang for your buck as you should at the gas tank. >> reporter: such a simple change, but really adds up. we're talking a savings of about $30 a year just by using the right oil. so simple. under the hood right now. you want to do your regular tuneups, these are very, very important. if you do that, it's going to save you some money. with a regular tuneup, you're going to save about 4% on your fuel-efficiency. that's about $55 a year. if the tuneup catches something like a faulty oxygen sensor, that's going to save you $570 a year. something like that can really
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kill your fuel-efficiency. so those regular maintenance things are going to save you money. hey, we've saved a lot of money. so far, $1,100, we are on our way to $1,400 a year in savings and coming up. we're going to address a bad habit some of you are are getting into right now as a result of these really, really high gas prices that we're paying. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. and with that, mike, back to you in the studio. >> great advice, jess. well, despite the higher gas prices, more people will be traveling this memorial day than in years' past. that's according to triple a. the group is predictable 35 million americans will travel at least 50 miles away from home next weekend. they will be cutting back on other activities like eating out or even concerts. nationwide, gas prices are about $3.90 a gallon for regular unleaded. that's down almost eight cents from last week. more news affecting your
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money. community college is a less expensive option for many students and families. but this virginia, even those schools will cost you more in the 2011 and 2012 school year. tuition is going up $950 per credit year to $119 per credit hour. that's an 8.7% increase. virginia's major schools like uva, william & mary and virginia tech have announced similar increases on tuition and fees for the coming year. the center of the horse racing world will be in maryland this weekend for the 136th running of the preakness stakes. the favorite, kentucky derby winner animal kingdom. tomorrow's run at pimlico will be only the animal's sixth race starting from the 11th post position. some of the top military pilots are in d. c. this weekend. >> they'll be performing at the joint service ohm house at the -- open house at the andrews air force base. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live there.
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>> reporter: well, good morning. gates open at 8:00 this morning and run through the weekend each day and ends at 5:00. we're on the tarmac and you can see all of the aircraft here. these are historic military war birds spanning the last 100 years and every war in the last century of the united states has been a part of. we've got fighters planes there, we've got a transport aircraft also next to that. and on the other side, we're told is a b-29 which is part of the -- a type of plane that actually drops the atomic bomb in hiroshima, japan and this aircraft here, this was a dc 9 and this one is dear to my family. this was part of the d-day invasion that dropped the paratroopers. but it also was part of the hump and those out of who don't know it was notorious for its danger and pilots not making it out alive across the himalayan
5:37 am
mountains. many flew with my grandfather and only three survived including my grandfather. family, friends and kids will enjoy this. this is going to be happening all weekend long. they're going to be enjoying the thunder birds and the night -- the golden knights will be performing each and every day. something very exciting and come out and enjoy. mike, andrea somewhere? >> surae, what is going on there? is that a rock concert in the background? ♪ >> i don't think she can hear us. >> surae, we'll take to you later -- talk to you later on. the gates are going to open up in less than three hours and they're getting the party started for those who are going to be putting on the free show. the calendar may say spring, but one of biggest movies of the year opens today. more on that still ahead. and plus a protest movement is underway after a local concert venue ban tailgating.
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and a good friday morning, out on the weather terrace, it's wet out here. but overhead, just a few clouds, a nice morning and it's a little bit cool. grab a jacket, you'll need it early. but not later on as the day planner shows you. temperatures will be climbing into the low 70s by noon with sunshine, but this afternoon, scattered showers and storms develop again. west winds today at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. we'll talk about the weekend look at the beach forecast when i come back. but here's angie right now. thank you howard on the gw parkway, everything is nice and clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. delays around the key bridge will start to set in at the 6:00 hour. still ahead, more of virginia roads. back to you. north rupp grandmother mondays will make good on the
5:41 am
computer problems. at least two dozen agencies had problems but most notably the department of motor vehicles couldn't process licenses for days. some of that money will go to network improvements and data protection technology. concert fans are sounding off about a new ban on tailgating at jiffy lube live. about 6,000 people now like facebook pages like boycott jiffy lube live tailgating policies. in last two years, four people have died in drunk driving crashes connected to parking lot tailgates. but many think the parties in the parking lot before the show are essential to the concert experience. 5:41, we'll answer the question of the day coming up. and plus, today's cool schools combines a science lesson and help for people a half a world away. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today --
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we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:45. we're excited about friday because it's the beginning of the weekend. lots going on there weekend. the -- the weekend. the very first longevity foundation benefit concert is taking place saturday at the mansion in north bethesda to raise money for lung cancer research so they have a nice metro entrance to there so they may not worry about rain. is there going to be any rain this weekend? >> a little rain there weekend, saturday looks really fine and then the heat, that's right the heat on sunday. as temperatures get towards the upper 80s. we are going to pop some afternoon showers and storms. this afternoon, it's kind of
5:46 am
cool. i was out on the terrace and glad it was a short trip. your bus stop forecast, we've got you with partly sunny conditions. a patch or two of fog and temps in the 50s, i think the kids will need maybe a sweatshirt there. sunrise in a few minutes at 5:52. sets almost at 8:15. 63-degrees this morning at 9:00. we head toward noon, still a good deal of sunshine, 69. but this afternoon, little more energy cools in, the up earl levels of the atmosphere. -- upper levels of the atmosphere. and 71 and here we go. 3:00, 5:00, scattered showers and storms and temps in the low 70s, now this morning, we're still looking at some showers across pennsylvania starting to come toward northeastern maryland. but around here, oh. partly cloudy conditions, 56 at national. down to 50 at the air park in montgomery county. gaithersburg. on the bay, the naval academy is 57 and also in fredericksburg and low to mid-
5:47 am
50s accrues the shenandoah valley. by the way, winds are fairly light right now. you can see the wind here just south of scranton. but not far enough away. with the heavier showers here in central pennsylvania, another piece of energy is going to rotate around like so and come right through us so this afternoon, we'll see the showers and storms during the afternoon. a watch, there we go coming through at 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 they're with us and then tonight things setting down and an isolated shower for tomorrow. but scattered showers again on sunday afternoon with the heat. posttime 6:05 saturday for the preakness. if you're going up to pimlico. grab the sunscreen. noontime temps in the mid 70s, also 80, 82 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 78 and over toward the beach this weekend, 67 at the ocean city inlet on the water temperature. sunny and 74 saturday, some storms also possible sunday afternoon. 75. and dry on monday, 77 and off the coast a little bit and
5:48 am
bethany, about the same but maybe slightly warmer around 80 on monday. all right, our seven day forecast, we're 87 on sunday with some scattered afternoon storms after the isolated shower on saturday and then next week, upper 80s to around 90 with isolated afternoon storms monday through thursday. summerlike, angie? >> no rain, that's what i want. hey everybody, hope you have a great start. just 12 minutes away from the 6:00 hour. green light stays on and we are going to look at your virginia roadways. 66 weekend travelers, filling out a little bit between 224 and 38. we open the door and take you out live. this is near the route 50 exit. i would say in the next hour or so we're going to watch this delay build as drivers approach 123. that's the one that's going to get bigger. over to the maps again, but this time shift it on down to 95 tracking that northbound trip and we are already slow between the prince william parkway to 123. your live conditions here past the prince william parkway.
5:49 am
your travel times, hello maryland -- still ahead, more maryland roads, mike, i'll have that at 56, over to you -- 6:00, over to you. a car bomb exploded near a pair of u.s. consulate vehicles this morning in pakistan. a pakistani passer-by died while americans in one vehicle was slightly wounded. it was the first attack on westerners there since the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. first flood related death has been reported in mississippi. the river crested in vicksburg yesterday and is now heading for the city of natches. already have water inside. governor haley barbour's home is under water there. we are looking live at the first space walk of the shuttle endeavour mission. it is currently underway.
5:50 am
two astronauts are removing some old experiments from the outside of the international space station. they will return to earth in the shuttle's cargo bay. just about 5:50 now, sun, science and social conscience all come together in this week's cool schools. stone ridge school after the sacred heart in bethesda, maryland where we had a pretty hot time. check it out. boiling water. something we all take for granted. right? well, these high school seniors are discovering the science behind the simmer. and you won't believe how these ovens are made. >> this is two cardboard lattes and tinfoil and that's it. >> and a little help from mother nature. >> is there anything you can do to get that to reflect? >> there's another kind of reflection as well. how lucky we have it and how families in third world countries could use some help.
5:51 am
it can leads to disease or even -- lead to disease or even death cooking over the open flame. so they are looking how families can avoid that. >> anything that you can find that limits the amount of wood or charcoal or fuel that they have to buy saves them money that they can use elsewhere. >> so if you're wondering how well this works the competition is heating up very quickly. we've been out here 10 minutes, the water started at 71 degrees and already up past 96. >> you want to change it to fahrenheit, do you remember how you do that? >> science and social conscience. part of the mission at stone ridge. >> they develop a conscience and they develop a heart. they recognize they're being asked to go out into the world and to do something to help other people. >> we're so hot. so hot. >> and a little friendly competition at the same time. >> son of a gun. wow. no, no, that's really hot. >> we got to 162 degrees fahrenheit. >> that's amazing, wow. >> we're getting close to 212.
5:52 am
>> that was awesome. it's hard to say it was cool because it was actually kind of hot. they are also planning on having a solar oven bake sale and sending the money they make to the sacred heart school in uganda as well and the women will be trained to make the ovens to sell them to other villages. if you have a cool school e- mail me, and maybe we'll be profiling your school next friday. >> microfinanceing idea. coming up. it's time to answer if question of the -- the question of the morning -- what do you think it is? the choices were -- >> so here's a look at a response you left on our facebook fan page. john brewer wrote --
5:53 am
>> deb watson wrote -- >> there it is. >> the answer is c., she was right. swimmer's ear. national estimates on swimmer's ear says it costs $2.4 million in trips to doctors every year. the cases amount to $500 million in extra annual medical costs or roughly $200 a visit. >> yep. figure # that. okay, we have some simple tips to save you money with the gas pump. plus, expect a crowd to storm theaters this weekend. rggh. in search of pirate. we'll be right back.
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63 by 9:00 though. at noon, a few more clouds and low 70s, this afternoon, scattered showers and storms here. we're at 3:00 and den at 5:00, 6:00 and you can see there's going to be a little bit more storm action this afternoon. angie. oh my goff, it's the summer movie season wasn't underway, it definitely is now. "pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides" opens national today. penelope cruz joins the cast as angel coo opposite johnny depp. the "usa today" critic says the fourth installment is about the same quality as number two which means it's better than three and worse than the first pirates movie. arnold schwarzenegger, he's backing away from the return to hollywood. the former governor of california has asked his agency to put his pending projects on hold until further notice. this so he can focus on his personal matters. meanwhile his wife maria shriver has reportedly hired laura wasser, top divorce
5:58 am
attorney. they announced their separation last week and this week came the revelations that schwarzenegger fathered child with a member of their household staff. it's military appreciation month and we continue to honor the men and women who have sacrificed while fighting to protect our nation. ♪ >> cbs "early show" special correspondent aila brown performed at the hero's silver star day event at walter reed. redskins' cheerleaders were also there. citizens helping heroes presented the appreciation day to honor wounded warriors. >> so powerful because i can let you know that the citizens care about the country. >> the organization is on a mission to make may 1st silver star day and national day of observance for injured service members, veterans like viewer
5:59 am
manuel rodriguez. style by south america has arrived in washington. crumbon designer mercedes salazar hosted a showing at m- 19 lifestyle. her work has been featured in glamour magazine and marie claire magazines. a swanky grand opening for a new northern virginia hotel? the guests at the renaissance arlington capital view. it including a menu from a top chef and servers brought around roving airline bar cards. for more local buzz, visit the blog, oh my goff. you're going to find a link to that on our home page. and good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck.


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